For exquisite top of the line wedding cake decorations or simply to sculpt an everlasting floral display, the mesmerizing art form of Gum Paste Sugar Flowers offers an unlimited canvas for any creative spirit. Let me show you just a few of the possibilities!
The graceful delicacy of this Sterling Rose is evidence of the miraculous and subtle way Gum Paste sugar dough can be sculpted and painted with exacting detail. The ribbons show also how thin it can be formed and shaped. It's a fine art most magical!
A wedding bouquet can even be reproduced in sugar to be saved forever as a keepsake!
Phalaenopsis and Oncidium Orchids.
The versatility of Gum Paste is displayed here with all elements of "Seascape" sculpted and painted in this sugar dough!
Even miniature creations like this Japanese icon.
Or this "Indian Fruit," a Prickly Pear Plant.
Swallowtail Butterfly in sugar!
Here are two exotic varieties of sugar flowers: the striking Gloriosa Lily pictured above, also called the Flame Lily; and nothing short of phantasmagorical, the intricate Passion Flower below, which takes a minimum of five hours to complete just one 6" blossom.
Just a few of the delightful creations possible in this rewarding art form. Once created, these sugar flowers never wilt or fade ! If set in a display box, they will remain unchanged for years of enjoyment.